Friday, August 22, 2008

One Year Ago

I can't believe it's been a year already. Where does time go? It was Thursday and I had a doctor appointment. I went in at 9:30 am for monitoring. They put me in a room with two monitors on my belly. One for each baby. I had to do this for 30 minutes each time once a week. Zane always kicked his off. My belly would always start hurting too, so I would have to sit up holding two monitors. It is definitely a lot harder carrying twins than a singleton, but you get double the rewards. Then I had a 10:00 ultrasound. Everything looked good and they said Zane was about 5 lbs and Zoë about 4 1/2 lbs. My belly was measuring 42 weeks. Then I went in to see Dr. Gass. He had looked over my monitoring results(and I had to have a monitor for contractions) and it looked like I had had a few contractions. But I really hadn't felt anything. So he decided to check me. He checked me and hesitated for a little bit. Then he told me I was 3 to 4 centimeters and my water was about to break. He said he didn't feel comfortable going any further. I had a steroid shot the week before and the babies were a good size. But I was 33 weeks and wasn't mentally ready. My sister had made it to 37 weeks with her twins, so I thought that's about when I would go. My mom was with me that day thank goodness. She said she wasn't sure who was more surprised the doctor, her or me. She drove me to the house to get my stuff while I called John on his mail route. I told him just to come to the hospital after he finished delivering. Then I went with my mom back to her house. They told me to come to the hospital around 3 pm. So we waited for the kids to get off the bus. I told them what was going on and went to the hospital. They put me in a prep room and I looked at the monitor and noticed that my friend Lisa was in labor and delivery too. Lisa had told me all along I would have my babies before she had her son. And I told her it would not happen like that. Well she was in the room next door so I went to visit. We both couldn't believe we were delivering the same night. So I went back to my room and got in my lovely gown and got my catheter. That has got to be the worst thing I went through. It was painful to get and very uncomfortable to have stuck to you. Then came every ones favorite doctor the anesthesioliogst. My epidural was being put in and my doctor showed up. Everything happened so fast after that. And I made sure that I got the forms filled out for my tubal. My family is complete. I always wanted three. I got what I had wanted plus a bonus baby. Then they rolled me into the delivery room. I had told John months earlier that if I was having a Cesarean delivery he wouldn't have to be in the delivery room. I didn't think he was going to make it through Mitchell's delivery, but he did good for Cassidy's. But this was a totally different experience. So I asked my mom if she wanted to be there for the delivery. She was at Mercedes and Meriah's deliveries too. Plus I wanted someone who would stay calm and take some good pictures. So things didn't go as hoped. The doctor had started cutting and I could feel it. Next thing I know I'm waking up in recovery. I was disappointed that I was knocked out and that my mom was not allowed in(no delivery pictures). But at least I had healthy babies. I was told my babies were doing good and were in the NICU. Zane had to have a little oxygen, but he was good. Zane weighed 5lbs 3oz and Zoë weighed 4lbs 5 oz. They rolled me to my room and I got to see some of my friends and family that had been waiting. The first person I remember seeing was Lisa's dad. She ended up having a c-section after me. So I did deliver before her but only by a few hours. Then everyone came to visit. All I wanted to do was see my big and little babies. I got to see Mitchell and Cassidy, but I didn't get to see the twins until the next day. That was one of the longest nights. The other longest nights was the twins last night in the hospital when they stayed in the room with me all night. I didn't have an alarm and was worried about them missing a feeding that I didn't sleep much. So the next morning I got that stupid catheter out and my IV and finally got to see my little babies. They were so cute. I had seen a picture of them the night before. John was able to take people in two at a time to see them. John's sister Sonia took some pictures of them on my digital camera and brought it back so I could see what they looked like. I stayed in the hospital for four days. My doctor tried to keep me in as long as he could. He was hoping that the babies were going to be able to come home with me. But they were having a hard time eating. So they had to eat on their own and gain some weight. I'm thankful they were so healthy. Big belly mama.
My mom in her delivery wear. Since she didn't get to go in she let the kids play in her lovely attire.

Mercedes, Meriah, Cassidy and Mitchell visiting after delivery.

My little Zane Robert.

My little Zoë Violet.

Party at My School

Zane and Zoë's birthday is on Saturday, so I brought cupcakes for them to share with their friends. Of course only three of them could eat them, but I'm sure they enjoyed them. Zane and Zoë getting all sugared up.
This is Kim's husband(Kim is their daycare mom) Randy. Zoë screams every time he comes to visit. She won't stop until he picks her up. Isn't she adorable? Kim made this sign for the twins. She and some of the other teachers wrote notes to the twins on it.

Zane exhausted from all the partying.
Zoë too!

Night at Grand Dad's House

Last week we went to John's dad and step mom's house. John's half brother David, his wife Jackie and his son's Robert and Matthew were visiting from Virginia. We only get to see them about twice a year. And Mitchell and Cassidy look so forward to seeing them(of course so do we). It was nice out that night, so we ate and played outside. Zane got in the ball pit for the first time and had too much fun.
Mitchell acting silly.

John and David acting even sillier. They are always little boys aren't they?

Here's my cute little great nephew Ethan. He just turned two.

Zoë with MamMaw.

John's sister Sonia, her husband Dusty, daughter Amy and grandson Ethan also came. And John's brother Robby came, it was his birthday. It was a great night.

My Boys

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Tonya's Commissioning

We (my parents, my three sisters, my two nieces and my four children) spent the weekend in our state capital. My sister Tonya, after two hard months of going through boot camp again, was made a lieutenant. She worked very hard and we are all very proud of her. She had to start her second year at Chase law on Monday.
My mom and Cassidy

This was my first trip to our state capital. I didn't realize the building was so nice. During our walk through the building Mitchell told Grandma, Grandpa and I that we should move in. He said "We can get some duct tape and tape ourselves to the ceiling, so that we can sleep". You never know what that kid is going to say.

Mitchell, Danielle, Tonya, Me and Angela

My family (Cassidy and Mercedes had taken a bathroom break and missed the picture and John had to work)

There wasn't a lot to do in Frankfort, but it was a very enjoyable trip. We got a little swimming in. And my parents had crazy moment and volunteered to watch all the kids. So I got to go out with my sisters. Thanks Mom and Dad!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Around the Resch House

This is a rare moment in our house. Cassidy actually trying to clean her room. She spent three hours in her room the other day. It still boggles my mind. She usually tells me she doesn't like a clean room, she likes it messy. It drives me crazy. I got Zane and Zoë a new ball the other day. Zane has been entertaining us with his throwing of the ball. Here's a picture of Zane and John in the back of my van while I get ready to go.
Mitchell is always telling me how much he loves his brother. I finally got a picture of them snuggling the other day.

Here's some fun cheap entertainment. One dad, one baby and one laundry basket. John put Zoë in this basket and was swinging her around. She loved it.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Back to School

This has been the most exhausting first week of school. The first day wore me out for the rest of the week. I was up at 4:45 a.m. , got myself dressed and full of coffee. Then I got Mitchell up, Cassidy up and dressed , and got the bottles and bags ready to go. Then I got the babies up and dressed and out of the house by 6:05 a.m. . My nieces Mercedes and Meriah now attend Lost River with Mitchell and Cassidy, so I told them I would drive them to school in the morning. I told them to be ready by 6. So I was a little late, but they were patiently waiting. I have always tried to be early or at least on time to places. But since the twins birth I am almost always late everywhere. It drives me crazy. Well anyway we are almost at the daycare and the girls notice that Cassidy is wearing flip flops. They inform me that they have read the Lost River hand book and she is not allowed. So we get the babies settled in with their daycare mom(Kim) and off we go to walmart. Well we made it to school at 7:05 am. I had wanted to be there when the doors opened at 6:50 am. I made them pose for some pictures and as you can see my two weren't very cooperative. I took Cassidy to class, she seemed comfortable enough. So I went and checked on Mitchell. He told me he was fine and to leave. Then I was off to work. It took me about 10 minutes just to get out of the parking lot. But I finally made it to work, just a couple of minutes late.




Mitchell has had a great first week of school. His two best friends are in his class and sit next to him. He has a nice teacher whom he already knew from summer camp. Cassidy has had a harder time. None of her close friends from last year are in her class. They were all separated and she has had a hard time with this. But she does like her teacher and she did make new friends with a couple of girls in her class by the end of the week.
My sister Tonya has just gotten back from officer trainer camp too. She went through a lot of hard work(she said it was like boot camp but harder). But now she is a lieutenant. She will be starting her second year at Chase law soon too.