Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dance Recital 09'

Cassidy takes dance at Dance Arts she has for the last three years. At times it is a struggle to get her to class. But by the end of the year she is motivated by recital. This year her class performed little boy blue. She did a great job. Of course when she was done she was loaded down with flowers from family members.

I like her smile in this picture.
Mitchell was asked to play little boy blue(even though he's not in dance). All he had to do was do a hand stand near the beginning and then act like he was playing a horn at the end. I wasn't sure he would do it , but he did. I was so proud of him. If you know Mitchell this is a great accomplishment for him.

Cassidy's class

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tonya's Shower

Yes I am very behind in my blogging. Between Internet computer troubles and camera trouble I've had a difficult time. Hopefully I will have some spring break and dance recital pictures up before the end of the year.

A few weeks ago we had a wedding shower for my sister Tonya. She is getting married May 30th in Cincinnati. She lives there and goes to school there.

Meriah and Tonya
Elaina and Mercedes

Zoë making a call

Sassy Cass