Thursday, November 6, 2008

Halloween Night 08'

Every Halloween we take a picture of the kids in this same spot with this sign. The twins did not want to cooperate this year, so I put two pictures to catch a glimpse of them. There is never enough time Halloween day. I think they should make it a holiday(like I need another day off as a postal worker). There is just not enough time at night to do it all. John took off of work that day and got Mitchell and Cassidy home from school and dressed. But by the time I picked up the twins from day care, drove home and got them ready it was almost 5pm. We went and visited are neighbors. Jumped in the van to go visit some friends from work. Grabbed something to eat and then went to another friends house. We parked at our friends house and walked around her neighborhood until we found the house of another co-worker. It was a great night to be out trick or treating. Cassidy was our trick or treat er. Mitchell only wanted to scare little kids. He really got into character. He didn't really care about getting any candy. After trick or treating and then visiting with our friends we finally made it to Grandma and Grandpas. Of course by then Zane was into a deep sleep. It was a busy night but it was lots of fun. Ware wolf(Mitchell),Sharpay(Cassidy),Piglet(Zoë) and Chicken(Zane)