Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Kissing Cousins

We went over to my sister in law Sonia's house to celebrate Christmas a little over a week ago. While we were there my great nephew Ethan kept grabbing Zoë's face and kissing her. It was so funny. She would get so mad, so we finally had to keep Ethan away for a while.

Monday, December 29, 2008


Well he finally popped the question. Tonya and Matt had started planning their wedding,but weren't engaged yet. But the other night he took her to the pier where they had their first kiss and proposed.
My sister Danielle(maid of honor) had made us an appointment at David's Bridal on Sunday. All the bridesmaids (except one) my mom, and Tonya were there. We all tried on dresses. Since the wedding will be on the beach we were looking for light wearing(not to hot) but still cute.
This isn't the best picture, but we all loved this dress on Tonya.

This is the color of bridesmaid dresses she wants.

This is the dress that my mom really liked.

Angela and I liked this green floral the best for a beach wedding. It was very light wearing and fit good. Matt and Tonya aren't planning on getting married until June of 2010 so it gives us some time to get everything done.


Well after much anticipation it finally came. Mitchell and Cassidy had been counting down days for weeks. On Christmas Eve we kept the computer on to track Santa. Every 10 minutes or so one of them would check the computer and tell me which part of the world he was in. They were so excited I about never got them to sleep. They finally fell asleep around eleven. Zane was the first to awake on Christmas morning. He was so excited to see all of the tree. We had the couch in front of the tree this whole time. But early that morning I was up moving furniture and arranging presents. Everyone woke up then we took turns opening presents and then had a nice breakfast together. Cassidy is starting to figure things out though. I'm not the best at hiding presents and she had seen her Santa gifts in my room earlier in the week. So I told her Santa sent a few presents ahead of time. It was a very enjoyable Christmas, but it was also very tiring. I think I will try to take some vacation days around Christmas next year.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Giving Thanks

I know Thanksgiving was several weeks ago. But, better late than never. We had Thanksgiving dinner at my parents house this year. And it was wild and crazy as usual. But we wouldn't have it any other way. My parents are actually living in Nashville now. My sister Angela and her children are living in their house now. Angela has found her a really nice person, whom she has been dating for several weeks now. And he is really good with the kids. But any way look at Mitchell in deep pray in this picture. No one put him up to this. He kept asking us if he could eat. After about fifteen minutes we noticed he was praying. I guess he thought if he couldn't get us to give him any food he would go straight to God. He sat like this for several minutes. So we had to get a picture. This is a picture of the crazy family. The man next to my sister Tonya is her soon to be fiance. His name is Matt and he too is a really nice guy. They are not officially engaged, but they have started planning the wedding. It will be on a cruise ship in June of 2010.
Austin, Mitchell, Danielle and Meriah

This is a picture of Matt, Tonya, Danielle and Mercedes outside of Ryan's at 7am on black Friday. Angela and I were also there but not in the picture. All of us had gotten up and out of the house at 3:45 that morning and headed to Kohls. Then walmart and then to Ryan's for a big breakfast. I go shopping with at least one of my sisters every year on black Friday. This year we all got to go together. I don't think Matt will go again though. I look forward to it every year. It has to be a group effort though. It's not fun by yourself. Plus you have to have someone wait in line.
This is a picture of Zoë and Zane on my parents porch. They were having lots of fun on the swing.
This is Zoë in time out. Zane and Zoë have had to spend a little time in here lately. Of course brother was entertaining her in this shot.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Ride for Two

My parents got Zane and Zoë this new little ride on toy for Thanksgiving. They thought one would be enough and they could share. When they first got it they both sat on it then proceeded to fight over it. But as you can see their learning to share(at least for the moment).