Monday, December 29, 2008


Well he finally popped the question. Tonya and Matt had started planning their wedding,but weren't engaged yet. But the other night he took her to the pier where they had their first kiss and proposed.
My sister Danielle(maid of honor) had made us an appointment at David's Bridal on Sunday. All the bridesmaids (except one) my mom, and Tonya were there. We all tried on dresses. Since the wedding will be on the beach we were looking for light wearing(not to hot) but still cute.
This isn't the best picture, but we all loved this dress on Tonya.

This is the color of bridesmaid dresses she wants.

This is the dress that my mom really liked.

Angela and I liked this green floral the best for a beach wedding. It was very light wearing and fit good. Matt and Tonya aren't planning on getting married until June of 2010 so it gives us some time to get everything done.


Mary said...

Matt, Tonya, Alexander, and Benjamin spent the night with us in Nashville. Had a great time but need to come in the summer when there is more to do.

Can't wait til the Resch gang come for a visit.

Emma's Mommy said...

Yeah Tonya!!!! Give her my congratulations next time you talk to her!

Valerie said...

How exciting! A beach wedding sounds like so much fun. I've tried talking Amy Kate into doing that too... but, no such luck. (I was hoping for a beach vacation, he he).